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 Katia Dementia Wolf (Demon/Human, hybrid) (wip)

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Katia Dementia Wolf (Demon/Human, hybrid) (wip) Empty
PostSubject: Katia Dementia Wolf (Demon/Human, hybrid) (wip)   Katia Dementia Wolf (Demon/Human, hybrid) (wip) EmptySat Nov 23, 2013 11:37 pm

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Katia Dementia Wolf

Text Color- Insert Hex color here
Gender- Female
Age- adolescent
Species detail-
Demon, common- A very diverse species where ones form and some times personality are based upon ones name.
Family-Noir Alain Wolf, Gracie, Mark, Katia Dementia Wolf,
Grew up going between her father and mothers houses as they divorced when she was young. She fought and earned her place in the Demons ranking system at the age of seven fighting scavenger. Then at her mothers request she began spending more time with her and saw her father less and less. They lived with her mothers boyfriend at the time.
He was very strict and they didn't get along. One day after a rather heated argument she gave up and just left the house, planning to just find somewhere to be alone for a little bit. She ended up stumbling into Night's, an old deity's, land. She was lost there for an hour, not sure what to do when he appeared to her, connecting with the sadness inside her. He allowed her to stay there, and she did for a while. However, food there was scarce if any could be found at all, so she often took trips to the outside for food. Another deity, Day, sought to get back at Night, as they've always been within a harsh feud. He used his followers to capture her, and kept her as a pet and slave in his land.
Later her father with the help of the kindhearted Solaris were able to free her, and she entered her two years of "sickness" She spent these years having to relearn everything untaught by Day, as well as getting his lessons out of her head. These years were spent mostly in fear and in sadness. Her friend Ullr was indispensable during this time.
Afterwords she was kept in the isolation she endured during the previous two years, as while she was gone, a threat had been made against her house. King and his followers were gaining power in their world, and they're plan to take the throne was a simple one; If they capture the top ranks child, he'll surely give up his title in exchange. Though of course, there would be no exchange.

Appearance- Katia is a rather tall, medium weight girl with pale skin from only rarely seeing the sun. She has dark brown hair with a streak of hair that changes colors according to her mood. Several scars can be located along her arms, ankles and around her neck along with her entire back. Her eyes change colors according to mood as well.
Personality- Katia can be a bit shy, untrusting, and a bit paranoid. However, she is very kind and generous to most others. (w.i.p.)
User Notes- Insert User Notes Here

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Katia Dementia Wolf (Demon/Human, hybrid) (wip)
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